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The art of selling is one that garners a good bit of debate amongst wrestling fans. The fashion in which a wrestler chooses to display the physical or mental toll a match is taking on them often adds to the suspension of disbelief needed to cultivate an engaging match.

Shawn Michaels has often been lauded for his incredible work selling his back in matches during the second half of his career. Conversely, Seth Rollins has been accused of selling a weakened knee for minutes on end before suddenly deciding he's fine and subsequently busting out Frog Splashes.

It's a delicate balance to strike, knowing when to show vulnerability and when to overcome it. But some individuals made it a part of their repertoire, specifically aiming to conceal all evidence of pain. Doing so is a risk: if done poorly, it can break the dramatic tension a match might have. But done well, and the crowd will get fired up right alongside the babyface.

The following list features some of the best examples of when a wrestler can push through the pain and achieve the best reaction possible...