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We are long past the period where all of the mechanisms that make pro wrestling function are kept secretive, but that era was dead long before Vince McMahon allegedly riddled the corpse with bullets.

The WWF owner didn't kill kayfabe when he had his wrestling show reclassified as Sports Entertainment in order to avoid some tax in 1989, but only because he was ahead of a generation that didn't really care. The time of a response other than "...so?" after the inevitable "you know it's fake, right" had already passed, with a generation of young fans discovering the dayglo World Wrestling Federation being told by friends and relatives as they watched that it wasn't on the up-and-up.

These were fans that couldn't get enough regardless and, in large numbers, embraced the every version of the wrestling internet that afforded them yet more secrets and lies that focused more on the show behind the show rather than the product itself. As wrestling had its second global boom in the late 1990s,1998's "Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets" special was panned for being painfully behind the times in the things it supposedly revealed.

These supposedly illicit revelations only added to the enjoyment of the theatre, if they weren't already known. The tricks of the trade are still there now, even if a Kevin Dunn-directed cameraman isn't zooming in an out of it in a seizure-inducing frenzy...