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8 Terrible WWE Attires One Tweak Away From Excellence

There's never been a more challenging period to be a pro wrestler than the present day.

Once upon a time, the performers would have appeared on a show and only be seen by those actually in front of the screen or in the arena. No re-runs, no rewatches and certainly no way to share the images or footage with the entire world within a split second of airing. Word of mouth was good for aura too - the more people heard about but couldn't see, the more they'd pay with their money and/or time to make sure they didn't miss it again.

Nothing slips through the cracks now. Nothing carries with it the anticipation of old. Mystery has been replaced by missed opportunities more often than not, where wrestlers chasing a share of their best moments are greeted with just as many negative takes as positive. The standards have gotten higher, but the risk and reward ratios have never been more scattershot.


Just when something seems perfect, there's always some d*ckhead on the internet on hand to completely contradict the take... if only for one tiny tweak...